Monday, August 29, 2016

More More Bad feedback about kingspec SSD

People regrets when they purchased kingspec ssd. If you buy their product, be assured that you will not get any support from them. The product will not work and will stop working within a few days. You will loose all you data, that mean you can loose your job too because of these Chinese frauds. Stay away, buy some samsung or intel or good ssd. stay away from kingspec. 


  1. I have a Core i5 laptop with a 500GB HDD (factory) plus a 64GB KinsgSpec ACSC2M064mSA mSata SSD, which I use for Windows and programs. I cannot compare it with other brands, but it have been working flawlesly for the last 6 months and the performance bump I got since I installed it is incredible. Full cold boot in less than 8 seconds, apps launch instantly and I have no regrets whatsoever. Considering that it cost me 20 dollars it's the best upgrade possible. As of yet, I cannot say if it will last for many years, but so far, I had never had any blue screen or any other issue. I bought it because I wasn´t sure if my laptop would support it and didn't want to spend too much money on a high-end brand or on a bigger drive.
    At the very least, it's a great option for System drive (not sure if it would be reliable enough to store data).
    So far I'm very happy with its performance and I have run DiskMark64 when I first installed it and six months later and there has been no performance degradation and the results are orders of magnitude better than the ones from the native Toshiba HDD.
    I would recomend using it as a System drive in tandem with a larger HDD for storage, the way I have it set up.

    1. Either you are a fake account posting on behalf of those fraud kingspec company. Or your luck is good. You would see their real face if you had any problem with the device.

  2. Thanks a lot for you blog I was thinking to buy an msata from Kingspec but now I wont.
    What do you think about kingdian?(I already have one of them got it 2 weeks ago)

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