Thursday, February 4, 2016

More bad feedback about Kingspec SSD Scam

I was searching for some reviews and this is what i found on

Law • 2 years ago
Do Not ever buy any SSD for Kingspec! I bought one from them and after a year it is dead. I have been contacting them for more than 3 months now by email them and trying to call them yet no response from their side! Never ever I will buy a product with shit service again!

Васисуалий Пупкин • 4 months ago
Don't repeat my mistake, don't buy anything from KingFast/KingSpec, especially from aliexpress or ebay. I bought 512GB KingFast F9 SSD from aliexpress, and it worked just fine, but only for a month. Then it failed completely without any reason, just disappeared in the middle of operation. Never had another SSD fail for me in the first 2 years.
Of course, since it was bought from China (and confirmed as delivered) - no way to return or replace it.

Kingspec company is total fraud. Never buy anything from them at all. Their SSD drives dies within a few months and they will never give you any warranty or support.

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