Thursday, February 4, 2016

Some more bad review about Kingspec SSD that i found on aliexpress

v**d c. wrote
the product arrived after a very very long time,more exactly 90+ days the seller claims to be the postal ofice fault but its not because i bought more items through the same postal office and i had no problem,so the delay must be on the sellers part,on the other hand the product seems to be good

A***L A. wrote
The item did not arrive, and the tracking info said the item did not have not arrived, but the seller only told me to wait when there was only 1 week left to the deadline of two months. They were not responsible for the delay and lost of the item, but they did not give me a good solution.

 A***r O wrote
Compatibility of SSD disks the very bad! from 4kh working pieces of equipment I earned only on one! I don't advise this supplier! Delivery period tightened didn't come in time! NOT OFFSET!
 D***s S wrote
The item purchased is working but I dont know if properly ... it 's a lot slower than I expected. I purchased your SSD to replace "HP Apacer" memory module, but Apacer is much faster than your module KingSpec. And it's also slower than the traditional 2.5" HDD for Notebooks. I thought that SSDs were absolutely faster than hard disk but on this subject is not so. Item received may be defective? ... I'm very disappointed.

J***n R
WARNING: This drive does NOT support TRIM which drastically increases life. While the vendor claims the feature, this is not true. Unfortunately, I read the feedback of another customer after I purchased the drive to realize the fact. I verified it for myself under Linux (hdparm) as well as in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, with AHCI enabled in BIOS. Check feedback from other customers, if you don't believe. I did that late. You have been warned. Please spend a bit more, get a good drive and do not fall for this trap. No wonder it's cheap!

There are a lot more bad feedback is out there on web about kingspec. So please be careful before you buy something from them.

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